I am a Baltimore-based animator attending the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). Over the years as my exposure has increased I have branched out in terms of interest while at MICA.

As I’ve developed my style I realized I tend to enjoy a cleaner simpler design. In terms of 3D I have greatly been inspired by low-poly styled games such as Firewatch, Abzú, and Kentucky Route Zero. Another important element to my work is my background. I am a first generation Egyptian-American and I tend to bring some elements of my cultural background into my work.  


I tend to work digitally but I have a tendency to experiment. I have animated in stop motion, 3D and 2D although I prefer 3D. I don’t enjoy modeling nearly as much as I enjoy animating but in the past year I have also realized I have an interest in graphic design. I usually jump into a project because if I don’t go with my first instinct I usually won’t come up with a better idea. For the future I’d like to continue working with ideas relating to my cultural background as it’s one of my goals to diversify the world of animation in my own way.